If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon my personal website. Good for you. (Well, not really. It’s not like it’s an impressive feat. Sorry.) There’s probably no reason for you to be here; there’s not much here. But sometimes I do stuff, and when I do stuff, I post that stuff here.

Active Stuff:

PNTS | ParaNormal Toon Shader – Innovative toon shading solution for Blender with a fully light-driven workflow, compatible with Cycles & Eevee. Achieve dramatic lighting inspired by digitally colored comic books and anime using the lighting workflow you already know.

PUTF | People for the Unethical Treatment of Fireflies – An old web comic from 2003 that took a satirical look at Wicca & the neopagan community. Currently being remastered & re-released weekly in honor of its 20th anniversary.

Stuff That’s Not Here:

brightness-cli – Simple shell script for Linux to control screen brightness from command line or shortcut keys. Threw this together for my own use, but maybe someone else will find it useful.

I saw something through my neighbor’s window – A horror short story on the NoSleep subreddit.

renpy-test-01-by-chatgpt – 5-minute proof of concept for a ChatGPT-generated Ren’Py visual novel, playable in the browser on Itch.io.

Escape Room: BasementYou awaken in a dimly lit basement, disoriented and unable to move your hands… A very simple escape room text adventure in the form of a ChatGPT prompt. Seems to work well enough to be fun, at least when ChatGPT doesn’t go off the rails. Requires a free OpenAI account.