ParaNormal Toon Shader – Fully Light-Driven, Familiar Workflow, Cycles & Eevee

ParaNormal Toon Shader – First update released! (v0.2.0 BETA)

Just released the first update for ParaNormal Toon Shader, version 0.2.0. It brings a handful of new features and some bug fixes, detailed below.

  • Added ParaNormal Uber Shader, an all-in-one shader for people who want more customization but don’t want to mess with nodes.
  • Added Base Glass, the first ready-to-use transparent material.
  • Added ParaNOIRmal, the first example of using the modular nodes to create a stylized look.
  • Added Blur Mapping, Pixelate Mapping, and Duotone Color shader nodes.
  • Updated ParaNormal Triplanar Shader to new & improved version.
  • Repositioned nodes in all base materials to be more consistent with Blender defaults (for easier navigation).
  • Improved the organization of some node graphs & updated old Mix nodes.
  • Reorganized Asset Library categories and updated asset metadata.
  • Expanded and updated User Guide.