ParaNormal Toon Shader – Fully Light-Driven, Familiar Workflow, Cycles & Eevee

ParaNormal Toon Shader v0.3.0 – Maintenance & improvements

The latest update to ParaNormal Toon Shader is now live on Blender Market. This is primarily a maintenance release, but it brings with it a few small new features as well.

Honestly, the most exciting news is probably that the User Guide is finally complete 🎉, and it now includes detailed instructions addressing one of the most common questions I’ve been getting: how to manage multiple key lights.

  • NEW: Switchboard x4 (Vector) node and an Example Usage Scene
    demonstrating how to use a Switchboard to manage multiple key lights.
  • NEW: Round to Multiple utility node.
  • User Guide: Finally complete!
  • ParaNormal Uber Shader:
    • Added emission.
    • Reorganized properties and tweaked headings.
    • Fixed the specular opacity bug.
  • Triplanar Shader: Added Diffuse Balance property to provide control
    over the light snapping threshold.
  • Direction Mask: Added default normal, fixed issue where out of bounds
    values could be output at the extremes of the Balance setting.
  • Renamed some shader nodes for clarity:
    • Blur & Pixelate Mapping are now Blur & Pixelate Coordinates.
    • Separate Worlds is now Separate Worlds Shader.
    • To Closest Axis is now To Weighted Axis, to more clearly
      differentiate it from To Absolute Axis.
  • Asset Library: On-going improvements to organization.
  • Various minor tweaks, fixes, and clean-ups throughout.