Toon-shaded 3D render of PNTS Example (Cycles) - Halftone Diver

ParaNormal Toon Shader v0.4.0 – The Ink Update

Cutting it close, but just under the wire for #Inktober… The Ink Update is now live on Blender Market. We have new stylized shader nodes inspired by classic inking techniques, plus new building blocks for procedural materials and a bevy of other exciting new features!

  • NEW: Add Ink: Halftone & Halftone Mask nodes.
  • NEW: Add Ink: Outline & Fresnel Outline Mask nodes.
  • NEW: Unlit Shader & Line Art (Inverted Hull) material, and an Example Usage Scene showing how to get inverted hull outlines with the Solidify modifier.
  • NEW: Add Distance Fog node.
  • NEW: Shape Mask node. Easily add a procedural 2D shape.
  • NEW: Repeat Coordinates node. A powerful tool for repeating patterns.
  • NEW: Triplanar Mapping & Screen Space Mapping nodes, plus a Quick Mapping node with the most common mapping options in one place.
  • NEW: Starter Scene with preconfigured key lights & example materials to help new users hit the ground running.
  • ParaNormal Uber Shader: Added outline properties.
  • Specular Color: Renamed to Add Specular Highlights for consistency.
  • Duotone Color: Tweaked UI & defaults.