ParaNormal Toon Shader - Advanced Lighting, Procedural Halftones, Cycles & Eevee

ParaNormal Toon Shader v0.5.0 – Soft Shading & Blender 4 Updates

A new update is now live on Blender Market. The big new feature is soft shading, plus there are updates for Blender 4 and a handful of fixes & improvements.

  • NEW: Softstep utility node. Maps a value range to stepped values, with adjustable soft edges between steps.
  • NEW: Soft shading added to all ParaNormal shaders (via new Blend property, powered by Softstep), plus relevant utility nodes (Add Specular Highlights, Direction Mask, Duotone Color, Specular Mask).
  • Repeat Coordinates: Updated Repeat X/Y inputs to the new boolean type. This is a BREAKING CHANGE, but only for custom node setups using these inputs. They will need their links reconnected.
  • Direction Mask: Normalized Smooth output.
  • Shape Mask: Fixed coordinates for polygons and tweaked UI.
  • Enhanced node UI with panels throughout.
  • Reference scenes now use AgX.
  • Minimum required version is now Blender 4.0.