Back when this was originally published, I remember being asked about it at a local pagan group. I explained that I wrote this comic strip as a send-up of a particular branch of Traditional Wicca that I declined to name, but which claimed an ancient lineage similar to the one described in the comic, despite their practices being obviously copied from Gardnerianism.

At that point, a woman I was acquainted with stepped in. She said it was obvious I was talking about the tradition she practiced, and she proceeded to acknowledge but also defend her tradition’s apparent similarities to Gardnerian Wicca.

I no longer remember what tradition she was defending. But I do remember that I had never heard of it before.

One has to wonder just how many grandmothers there can be out there whose ancient Books of Shadows just happen to be nearly identical to the one Gerald Gardner wrote in the 1940s.

About PUTF

People for the Unethical Treatment of Fireflies (PUTF) was an amateur web comic from 2003 that took a satirical look at Wicca & neopaganism. It has the somewhat dubious honor of being the second web comic ever made about modern paganism (that I know of). In honor of its 20th anniversary, I’m remastering & re-posting an old comic strip every Wednesday.

Be prepared for cartoon nudism, poking fun at pagan stereotypes, seriously dated references, probably some jokes that aged like milk, metric fucktons of snark, and the occasional dick joke.