IMPORTANT NOTE: This was not commentary on the transgender community. I hate putting disclaimers on my work, but in the current political climate I guess it’s necessary for this one.

So, to be very clear: The characters appearing in today’s comic were not intended to be transgender. The joke in this comic was that a long-haired gay male character was making a pass at a lesbian female character, under the mistaken assumption that she was male due to her short hair and traditionally masculine dress. She turns him down by explaining she’s a lesbian, but uses the word Dianic, as if being a lesbian and being Dianic are synonymous.

Yep, that’s it. I’m not saying it was a very good joke. Just that that’s what the joke was supposed to be. If you’re reading this, you agreed to the popup warning about jokes that aged like milk, so… You knew what you were getting yourself into. Dont @ me bro.

About PUTF

People for the Unethical Treatment of Fireflies (PUTF) was an amateur web comic from 2003 that took a satirical look at Wicca & neopaganism. It has the somewhat dubious honor of being the second web comic ever made about modern paganism (that I know of). In honor of its 20th anniversary, I’m remastering & re-posting an old comic strip every Wednesday.

Be prepared for cartoon nudism, poking fun at pagan stereotypes, seriously dated references, probably some jokes that aged like milk, metric fucktons of snark, and the occasional dick joke.